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I have an unfinished Yandere Visual Novel from like 8 years ago - the idea was to make a "rip off" of Doki Doki Literature Club and Yandere Simulator (but keep in mind that it was actually years before those came out).

Actually it was just gonna be called "Yandere Simulator" (again, this was BEFORE that other Yandere Simulator ever started development). So had I finished it, those games would have been regarded as a rip off of my game, but alas, I of course never finished it... and like Doki Doki Literature Club it was going to break the 4th wall and the main character would start addressing you directly. But unlike Doki Doki Literature Club, she would actually start stalking you outside the game and she would know where you live and what your real name is and who all your friends are and would start sending them creepy messages about your relationship... the way this was going to be accomplished is that it was eventually meant as a Facebook app (which was actually already being developed in parallel) and back then Facebook apps did have access to all that and where able to do all that, but before it could be finished Facebook changed that (now it's mainly Facebook itself messing with your data). So development halted. So I leave this here more as a footnote, but if anyone is really interested in it and really wants to see it completed, let me know and I might resume development after all... 


YandereSimulator-all.zip 16 MB

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