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I have used Ren'Py for more than a decade now, but I felt I wanted to try and focus more on the story and on the branching than on cutesy anime style graphics and interfaces, so I decided to try Twine, which is perfect for the kind of dark and text heavy and choice heavy and heavily branching story I had in mind.

The story basically revolves around the protagonist not remembering who or where he is and waking up in the basement of a house. You have to make your way to the top floor (each room is a tiny bit like an escape room with you having to figure out how to get to the next room - but don't worry, you don't REALLY have to pick up or combine items or anything like that - there is no gameplay other than just making choices - but even so there are still some puzzles). And of course there is also a central story that takes the foreground as you progress and realize that you are essentially trapped in the house, so you have to figure out a way to leave and in doing so you discover your character's background and who he is and what his past is and the reason why he is trapped in the house in the first place.

The game is obviously inspired by me being in lock down :-)

And also me having had Coronavirus symptoms - so that lead me to reflect on my life and a lot of existential questions - which then lead to me writing this story.

The game is almost done and can already be played/read.

It runs directly in the browser, so you can play it right here, or if you have any issues, you can download it.
Please give me some feedback and tell me about any errors or problems you encounter. Also, keep in mind that English isn't my first language, so I would really appreciate your bringing to my attention any serious grammatical errors and would kindly ask you to just overlook any not so serious ones ;-)

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